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What Should Be on California Cannabis Labels?

Published: 2021-05-24
What Should Be on California Cannabis Labels?
What Should Be on California Cannabis Labels?

Cannabis products in California that are sold in dispensaries must follow strict labeling requirements. The labeling guidelines are set by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Failure to comply with these guidelines will expose dispensaries to fines, or worst, loss of license.

General Cannabis Labeling Requirements

There are two sections in the general cannabis labeling requirements in the state:

  • Primary panel: Located on the front of top of the package and contains all essential information.
  • Information panel: Located on the back of the packaging, beneath the primary panel, or anywhere else that can be see on the packaging. It contains necessary information but doesn’t need to be on the front or center.

What Should Be Printed on Medical Cannabis Labels

The text on the primary panel must consist of the following:

  • Name or identification number of the product in a prominent text size.
  • Official THC symbol mandated by California.
  • Quantity by volume and/or net weight.
  • Amount of THC and CBD in the product, measured in milligrams per package.
  • Amount of THC and CBD contained per serving, measured in milligrams per serving.
  • Licensed manufacturers name and contact information.
  • Date of creation and packaging.
  • Government warning in bold print.
  • Statement “For Medical Use Only.”
  • Complete list of all ingredients in the product in order of highest to lowest percentage.
  • Specific instructions on how to use the product regarding preparation and dosage.
  • Best-by date or use-by date to indicate the product expiration date.
  • Product’s batch number of unique identifier code.

For cannabis edibles, they must be in opaque packaging and must have an additional label contains:

  • Complete list of ingredients measured by weight or volume in order from greatest to least.
  • There should be a text that says “Contains” if it’s made using common food allergen, and must be printed in bold. This should be followed by a list of the known allergens.
  • List of artificial food colorings.

THC Labels in California

In California, it is required that a THC label should be applied to any cannabis or cannabis-infused product.

Indeed, this may seem like a lot for labeling requirements, but it’s part of being in a regulated market.

Other Cannabis Labeling Requirements

There are other important details when designing cannabis labels. Some of them are:

  • Packaging shouldn’t be appealing to children.
  • Print must be clear and legible.
  • Prints must be printed in at least 6 pt. Font
  • Labeling should be visible on the outer layering of the packaging.
  • Peel-back labels or inserts can be used on small packaging.
  • Never direct buyers to a website for cannabis ingredients. All necessary information must be on the packaging.
  • Photos of the product shouldn’t be on the packaging.
  • Never place misleading information and any unproven health claims on the packaging.

These are the necessary labeling requirements in the state of California. So, when you’re about to start a cannabis business in the state, you need to follow the strict guidelines on labeling. In addition to that, make sure you only use high-quality labels for your products.

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