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Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal transfer printing is a popular process used in many industries that require quality and longevity for both the label and printer alike.

The biggest difference between the two processes is a ribbon. The ribbon serves as “barrier” between the label material and the print head elements. The big benefit of the ribbon is that it increases the longevity of the printer’s print head. In direct thermal printing, the print head makes direct contact with the material, which allows for the opportunity to introduce quality issues when dust or debris is present. These particles can burn into the print head, lessoning quality and significantly increasing the likelihood of print head failure. In most cases a company can anticipate thermal transfer print heads to last 50% – 75% longer than a direct thermal print head. Because of this fact, printers outputting high volumes must consider thermal transfer in any evaluation.

Another important factor to consider with thermal transfer labels is label life, as direct thermal labels cannot offer the same longevity. If the label you are looking to use is likely to be in the supply chain for an extended amount of time where it might be introduced to direct sunlight or chemical contact, thermal transfer labels are what you need.

Other instances where thermal transfer labels would be utilized would be when the information on the label needs to remain legible for an extended period of time, like pharmaceutical products or hazardous materials.

Nev's Ink produces high quality thermal labels that won't fade over time. Our labels are designed to withstand many different environments and most chemicals, so you can order and label with confidence.

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