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Anesthesia Labels & Tapes

While giving a patient anesthetics comes with risks, you can minimize hazards with labels and tapes. Ensure you provide the correct dosage and type of drug for all patients by using our color-coded labels and tapes. Your patient needs to remain asleep during an operation. However, you also need them to wake up easily. Getting the proper drug dosage is crucial to patient health and safety.

Anesthesia Labels

Anesthesia labels identify the drugs inside syringes, I.V. bags or other means of administration. The labels also indicate the dosage amount, date and time given. Our labels come with an adhesive backing that you can tear off without worrying about the sticky residue on the back. 

The importance of anesthesia labels is to indicate what type of substance was given. Doctors, nurses, the anesthesiologist and anyone else in the room need to be aware of the drugs used during a procedure. Anesthesia is a valuable tool that makes medical procedures easier and less painful, though you must use it carefully. Attending healthcare workers can use this information to determine how long it lasts, what can be mixed with it, how it affects the patient and more. 

When deciding what labels work best for your hospital, you should look for ones that meet color-coding requirements. Nev's Ink labels have prominent, large text that features the drug name and are color-coded by drug group.

Anesthesia Tapes

Tapes look slightly different than labels, though they offer the same function. Our tapes come in rolls with no backing, allowing you to tear or cut them off as you work. Anesthesia tapes identify the drug given to the patient along with other pertinent information. Much like labels, using an anesthesia tape helps employees make good decisions for their patients. 

Do your anesthesia tapes meet guidelines from the American Society for Testing and Materials and the United States Pharmacopoeia? Tape colors are essential determiners, allowing a universal way to identify the drug classes. Prevent mislabeling and other errors with clearly defined anesthesia tapes. Ensure your supplies can withstand the environment you use them in with Nev's Ink.

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Ensure safe anesthesia usage with our labels and tapes. Nev's Ink offers labels that adhere to the strict guidelines for anesthesia drugs, allowing you to rest assured each job is done correctly. Ensure correct dosage of anesthetic drugs with the date, time and administer's name on our labels and tapes. 

All of our in-stock items ship within 24 hours. We have affordable prices for everyone in the healthcare industry. We want to help you give your patients the best care first and foremost, and you can only do that if you have the labels and tapes you need. 

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