Label & Tape Solutions
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Whether you are working to eliminate errors or communicate effectively between departments, labels are essential for so many companies to operate efficiently and safely.
With so many functions and ways to use labels, it can be overwhelming when it comes time to choose the right one for your specific application.
Lucky for you, we are here to help!


Cryogenic Labels

Engineered to withstand extreme cold temperatures

Cryogenic storage labels use a special adhesive that is designed to withstand extreme cold temperatures as low as -196º C (-311º F). Our cryogenic storage labels can be printed or written on and will not bleed, smudge or smear. These labels are offered in a wide variety of sizes and colors on rolls or laser sheets--perfect for distinguishing various specimens after prolonged periods of cryogenic storage.

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Variable Data Labels

Need a different imprint on each label?

Variable data labels are just as they sound; each label varies from the label preceding it. Whether you need variable check digits, barcodes, consecutively numbers, or a combination of them all, Nev’s Ink is the best place to order variable data labels.

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Dissolvable Labels

Perfect for departments that have to label and wash! No residue is left behind.

Imprinted using a unique material these labels are designed to stick when you need them and wash away under running water or in the dishwasher when you are done! It is a perfect solution if you are labeling containers, plates, trays or equipment that needs to be washed and reused.

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Piggy Back Labels

Many layers and many options!

Piggyback labels are also known as two-layer and double-layer labels. This labeling configuration is unique because it consists of two labels—one atop the other. The bottom label stays adhered to the surface it is applied to, and the top label can be peeled off and reapplied elsewhere.

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Direct Thermal Labels

Perfect for quick and simple labeling using direct thermal printers!

Nev's Ink provides thermo-sensitive paper or labels for direct thermal printers. These printers use a thermal print head that applies heat to the surface being marked. No ribbon is used in direct thermal printing, which creates the image directly on the printed material. Direct thermal media is more sensitive to light, heat and abrasion, which reduces the life of the printed material. Use with Zebra, Eltron, Sato, Datamax, and other desktop printers.

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Thermal Transfer Labels

Print your labels and be confident they will last

Thermal transfer printing uses a heated ribbon to produce durable, long-lasting images on a wider variety of materials than Direct Thermal. Use these labels with Zebra, Eltron, Sato, Datamax, and other desktop printers.

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Dymo Compatible Labels

Configured to work perfectly in DYMO branded printers!

Available in a variety of sizes and quantities, Nev’s Ink’s DYMO compatible Multi-Purpose labels make it easy to print one label or hundreds for all of your mailing, shipping and labeling needs.

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Laboratory System Labels

Misys/Sunquest, Cerner, Epic, SoftLab, Meditech and more

Whether you are using the Misys/Sunquest, Cerner Pathnet CCIS, Cerner Pathnet Millenium, Epic or Meditech laboratory information system, Nev’s Ink has compatible labels in stock and ready to ship in 24-hours.

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Sterile Labels

Patient safety is of the utmost importance

Sterile medication labels ensure the sanctity of an operating room by supporting its pivotal role: a completely sterile environment that dramatically reduces the risk of infection for the patient. Sterile medication labels come in pre-sealed, easy-to-open packaging that may include both a marker to write on the labels and the labels themselves. Some sterile label packs come with a marker, basin labels, and/or a ruler.

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Alcohol Resistant Labels

Say goodbye to labels ruined by harsh solutions

Our alcohol and chemical resistant labels use a special material engineered to withstand exposure to these harsh solutions. You can rest assured your label will work when you need it most! Alcohol resistant labels offer a more affordable alternative to ordering pre-printed labels with over laminates.

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