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Whether you are working to eliminate errors or communicate effectively between departments, labeling tapes are essential for so many companies to operate efficiently and safely. With so many functions and ways to use labeling tape it can be overwhelming when it comes time to choose the right one for your specific application. Lucky for you, we are here to help!


Color-Coding Tape

No sticky residue left behind!

A very popular item at Nev’s Ink is our color-coding tape, which is offered in an assortment of colors. This tape is beneficial in any laboratory, medical, or educational setting. From labeling test tubes to laboratory wraps, Nev’s Ink brand color-coding tape is an essential!

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Anesthesia Tape

Perfect for medical, veterinary, or dental industries

Nev's Ink anesthesia tape is the most cost-efficient way to ensure errors due to unlabeled medications never happen. Our tape adheres to most surfaces as well as specific guidelines of The Joint Commission, United States Pharmacopoeia and the America Society for Testing and Materials.

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Autoclave Tape

Sterilize your instruments with confidence

Nev's Ink manufactures autoclave tape, (commonly called autoclave indicator tape) which is used to determine that the items have gone through the sterilization process. Once the taped item has passed through the steam sterilization process, the ink is activated and changes colors. It can adhere directly to the item going through the steam sterilization process and is often used with an autoclave wrap.

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Vinyl Instrument Marking Tape

The ideal solution for marking surgical trays

Instrument Marking Tape is constructed of a self-sticking vinyl material that is most often used in a surgical setting to identify, prep, and manage surgical instruments and tools. It is extremely durable, and is available in 9 colors.

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Printed Tape

Take your labeling to the next level with printed tape!

Sometimes you need more than a color alone to communicate a message or brand, organize a station, label a drawer, etc. In these scenarios, Nev’s Ink Printed Tape is the perfect solution.
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