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Nev’s Ink's Color-Coding Tape has many uses and benefits. It is acid, oil, and water resistant, can withstand temperatures ranging from -23º C to +121ºC (-10ºF to +250ºF), and can be removed without leaving behind an adhesive residue. It even comes in over 20 different colors!

Sometimes, however, you need more than a color alone to communicate a message or brand, organize a station, label a drawer, etc. In these scenarios, Nev’s Ink Printed Tape is the perfect solution.

Here are our most popular Printed Tape applications:

Warning Tapes:
Using a combination of bright colors, common warning/hazard symbols and big, bold text, Nev’s Ink branded Warning Tapes are sure to get noticed and will ensure your communication is efficient.

Anesthesia Tapes:
Anesthesia tape is a healthcare essential, necessary for anesthesia drug and dosage identification. Nev's Ink offers a wide array of anesthesia drug labeling tapes for your healthcare needs that feature common drug names and bright colors along with areas designated to write in the dosage, date, time, and initials.

Patient Charting Tapes:
Improve your unit organization and save time with Patient Chart tapes. Patient Chart tapes help to communicate room numbers, patient name, and the Doctor in an instant. Perfect for Nurses!

Custom Printed Tapes:
All other printed tapes fall into the custom category. We are able to print a maximum of two colors onto our Color-Coding Tape, making it ideal for organizations that may be interested in adding their logo, communicating important information specific to their processes, or adding names or other words or phrases for organizational purposes.

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