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Wash Away Labels / Rinse Away Labels

Wash away labels offer a perfect solution if you are labeling containers, plates, trays or equipment that needs to be washed and reused.

​Imprinted using a unique material and adhesive combination, these labels are designed to stick when you need them and wash away under running water or in the dishwasher when you are done using the label--all in under 30 seconds!

Some of the most popular wash away labels that utilize this material are our multi-lingual food rotation labels. These labels are perfect for quickly communicating important information about food, including when it expires. At a glance the user can be informed on the status of any food item by a color or by one of the three languages!

We have plenty of wash away labels in stock, ready to be ordered today! Don't see the label you want? No problem! Nev's Ink can customize your order for any size, color, or text. Contact us today!

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