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Sterile Labels

Surgery presents a large amount of risk. Minimize your risk with Nev's Ink's sterile medication labels!

Sterile medication labels ensure the sanctity of an operating room by supporting its pivotal role: a completely sterile environment that dramatically reduces the risk of infection for the patient. Nev's Ink provides sterile labels primarily to healthcare facilities including hospitals, clinics, blood centers, surgical centers and veterinary clinics, but they can be used anywhere a sterile procedure is performed.

Sterile medication labels come in pre-sealed, easy-to-open packaging and are 100% latex free, smudge proof, and also glove-friendly. Some sterile label packs also come with a marker, basin labels, and/or a ruler. All of our sterilized labels are  JCAHO certified and use a permanent adhesive that will strongly adhere to medication containers and drug syringes without falling off.

We keep a large quantity of pre-printed labels in stock at all times, but also have the capabilities to provide custom sterile medication labels or label packs to suit your needs. With a custom product you have the ability to design the color, text, size, and number of labels you want along with the option to add markers, basin labels, and rulers.

For your patient safety, contact Nev's Ink today for your Sterile Labeling needs!

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