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Anesthesia labels are a health care essential, necessary for anesthesia drug and dosage identification. Nev's Ink offers a wide array of anesthesia drug labeling tapes for your health care needs that feature common drug names and bright colors along with areas designated to write in the dosage, date, time, and initials.

Nev's Ink Anesthesia Tapes offer all of the same qualities as our Color-Coding Tape with the added convenience of the printed anesthesia drug information, and can be easily marked with a pencil, pen, and most felt-tipped markers to provide important information for patient safety.

Nev's Ink also has the capabilities to imprint 2D barcodes that allow 2D compatible scanners to verify that the correct drug is being administered to the correct patient at the correct dose, virtually eliminating indecipherable labeling and human error on medication labels.

Our customer service team can help you design your perfect anesthesia labels or tape solution! Call us today at 877-638-1384, or send us an email at [email protected] and we will be happy to help!

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