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Cryogenic Labels

Labeling vials, microtubes, microplates, glass tubes, freezer boxes, plastic bags and other containers can be a challenge when they are being stored in temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius. Normal adhesives aren't engineered to withstand these extreme temperatures, so oftentimes when exposed to these conditions they will pop off, leaving your sample unlabeled and you unhappy.

Fortunately, Nev's Ink offers cryogenic storage labels that use a special adhesive designed exactly for this use. Our cryogenic storage labels, or cryo labels as we like to say, will stick in temperatures ranging from 80 degrees Celsius to as low as 196 degrees Celsius. This means that when storing labeled samples in deep freeze liquid nitrogen or vapor phase liquid nitrogen, our cryo labels will stay in place. Nev's Ink's cryo labels are resistant to smearing without any additional lamination, and also won't become brittle or cracked, ensuring that your samples stay labeled.

Cryogenic Storage Applications

Our cryogenic labels are made of a thermoplastic film that is coated with a glove-friendly cryogenic adhesive. This special adhesive allows the label to remain strong and sticky so that it can be securely adhered to stainless steel, aluminum, painted surfaces, and powder coated metal and iron.

Benefits of Cryogenic Labels

Providing a high quality cryogenic storage label is essential for laboratories, researchers, etc. when labeling cryo vials, microtubes, microplates, glass tubes, freezer boxes, plastic bags and more. Cryogenic labels will provide fewer errors, better accuracy, and more proficiency, which inevitably leads to better results and a lower spend.

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Cryo labels come in a variety of sizes, colors, and configurations and can be customized to fit your needs, whether you need sheets, rolls, or printable laser sheets. Please contact us at 800-638-7465 or  CLICK HERE for a custom quote, Nev's Ink has all of the labeling solutions you need.

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