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Vinyl Instrument Marking Tape

Instrument Marking Tape is constructed of a self-sticking vinyl material that is most often used in a surgical setting to identify, prep, and manage surgical instruments and tools.

​What makes Nev’s Ink’s Instrument Marking Tape so popular amongst users is its versatility. Unlike most other tape products, this tape can be applied directly to trays, surgical tools, or any other item that may be sent through an autoclave to be sterilized. Even better yet, Instrument Marking Tape will stay adhered through multiple sterilization cycles!

Instrument Marking Tape is similar to our Color-Coding Tape when it comes to toughness. This tape is resistant to oils, acids, alkalies, and regular cleaning, so when you apply it you can be confident it will last.

We currently offer our Instrument Marking Tape in 9 different colors—aluminum, black, blue, red, green, orange, yellow, brown and white. Multiple colors allow you to easily identify tools and supplies by color. Whether you use one color per user, department, or procedure type, the options allow for you to spend less time searching for instruments and more time on the job at hand!

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