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Color-Coding Tape

A very popular item at Nev’s Ink is our color-coding tape, which is offered in a wide assortment of colors. This tape is beneficial in any laboratory, medical, or educational setting. From labeling test tubes to laboratory wraps, Nev’s Ink brand color-coding tape is an essential!

What makes our tape so popular is its versatility. For starters, it’s extremely strong and durable. Nev’s Ink’s Color-Coding Tape is oil, acid, and water resistant, and can withstand temperatures ranging from -23º C to +121ºC (-10ºF to +250ºF). With the strength of the tape you may think it would be difficult to remove, however, it can be removed easily when the time is right without leaving behind that pesky adhesive residue.

Need a specific color, width, core size, or a combination of them all? We have over 20 colors stocked and ready to ship in ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1-1/2”, and 2” widths on either a 1” or 3” core.

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