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When Gary bought an old printing press and set up in a small shop in Cudahy, Wisconsin in 1989, his mission wasn’t to print and sell labels. It was to do it better than the others.

Antiquated and slow, the press had one advantage - it was inexpensive to run, giving us the ability to produce small orders at a reasonable price.

"We came in early, we worked late, and we cared for each other - even watching each other’s kids when a big order on a slow machine meant a late night at work" Gary has recalled.

But that first press’s disadvantages are what turned us into who we are today…a company that learned to work harder, sell smarter, operate more efficiently, and interact with greater communication just to get the product out the door.

Why were those early years important? Because we learned. We learned about our customers and how to tailor the process to provide them what they need with great quality. We know that made to order labels are essential to our customers so we developed a process to make it painless, including providing the art. We also know that when our customers need it they need it now so our process allows us to deliver stock items within 24 hours and made to order within 6 days. We also know that our customers are under great pressure to keep costs low. So we created an operation with minimal cost so that we can pass the savings to you. We do this all and we stand behind our quality!

Since 1989 our customers have come to rely on our quality label and tape supplies to help their business. Our steep tradition in customer service is why we boast a 96% retention rate. We have never met a problem we can't help solve or a label we can't do.


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