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What are Nursing Labels?

Published: 2021-01-27
What are Nursing Labels?
What are Nursing Labels?

Nursing labels ensure patients receive the proper medication and care in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and more. Nursing labels also help nurses, administrative teams, doctors, etc., to communicate vital information in an easy and precise way.

Nursing labels serve many purposes including the prevention of medication errors or mix ups, organizing multiple drips, emphasizing medications added to the IV, notifying when a change is due to the IV, communicating medical alerts and notifications, communicating important details on patient charts, alerting nursing and other staff on code status, and much more.

Charting Labels & Tapes

Nev’s Ink also provides Patient Chart Labels & Tapes. These are designed to help nurses maintain detailed and accurate patient charts in an organized and comprehensive way. To shop Charting Labels & Tapes, click here.

Color Coding Labels & Tapes

Nev’s Ink’s Color-Coded labels and tapes stand out and make communication easy in any hospital, lab, or clinic. They have proven to be a helpful option during inventory, labeling office supplies, designating specific areas, and much more. We provide a large selection of colors and options to meet all of your labeling needs. These labels include a permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive. To shop Color Coding Products, click here.

I.V. Bag & Tubing Labels

Nev's Ink's I.V. Tubing & Bag Labels are designed to supply critical information for safe medication administration and limit errors common across healthcare settings. These labels allow you to mark tubing with start date, date the tubing should be changed, as well as the initials of the RN who started the I.V. To shop I.V. Bag & Tubing Labels, click here.

Medication Added Labels

Nev’s Ink Medication Added Labels provide sufficient area for important dispensing and administrative information. We offer a variety of styles and sizes, so you can use these with virtually any medication container (bag, bottle, overwrap, etc.). These labels are also brightly colored to call attention and to be recognized easily. To shop Medication Added Labels, click here.

Anesthesia Labels & Tapes

Anesthesia labels and tapes are a health care essential, necessary for anesthesia drug and dosage identification. The objective of the tape is to facilitate identification of drugs in syringes, and the use of different colors for different drug groups aids in this process. Nev’s Ink offers a wide array of anesthesia drug labeling tapes that feature drug names with the appropriate colors along with areas designated to write in the dosage, date, time, and initials. To shop Anesthesia Labels & Tapes, click here.

Fun Nursing Labels

Nev’s Ink provides an entire line of fun labels for kids to enjoy when they visit the doctor! Reward your pediatric patients after a great check-up with these fun and brightly colored labels. To shop Fun Nursing Labels, click here.

Nursing Labels at Nev’s Ink

Nev’s Ink nursing labels are designed to quickly convey important information to a nurse or other caregiver. We manufacture our labels with bright colors and easy-to-read bold font to make it easy to check for accuracy. Nev’s Ink stocks numerous sizes, colors, and messages designed to meet external compliance guidelines and internal protocols requirements. Better yet, these stock products ship to you within 24 hours! As always, we know cost is important to your hospital or clinic. We have molded our operation processes to minimize cost, which allows us to pass those savings onto you! To shop all nursing labels, click here.

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