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A Guide to Cannabis Warning Labels in California

Published: 2021-05-24
A Guide to Cannabis Warning Labels in California
A Guide to Cannabis Warning Labels in California

California became the first state to legalize the use of cannabis and its products for medical purposes (1996). After ten years, the state approved the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (Proposition 64) which further expanded the legality of using cannabis for recreational purposes.

It is up to the Californian government to determine how to regulate the sale and consumption of cannabis products. It includes setting the drug schedule and labelling requirements of cannabis.

Cannabis Drug Scheduling

To start, the government defined cannabis as a "Schedule I drug" in the California Health and Safety Code, which meant it was officially recognized as an unsafe and dangerous substance and a high potential for abuse and addiction.

Labelling Cannabis Products

In 2009, cannabis was recognized in California to be carcinogenic. As a result, Prop 65 Warning Label Requirements are implemented for cannabis and its other products.

The labelling requirements for cannabis are set by the Department of Public Health (CDPH) of California. Stores and shops selling cannabis products are subject to abide by the guidelines. Paying fines or losing the license are the expected consequences if these guidelines are not met and followed.

General Labelling Requirements

The labelling requirements for cannabis products are separated into two sections. The primary panel that contains the most information is located at the top of the front of the package. The information panel contains the required information, and it is located anywhere in the package visible to anyone.

Government Warning Statement

The information panel informs the consumers of the possible effects of using and consuming cannabis products. This part of the package shows the nutrition information and even the primary use of the products for medical purposes.

Based on the California government warning label, cannabis products must contain a warning statement that says the expected health risks associated with using any cannabis products and the people who are qualified to use them. According to the Associated Press, it is written in all caps, which is a requirement: "The warning must be printed in all capital letters in type no smaller than the most significant type on the label."

Bold and Caps Labelling

The use of bold and all-capitalized letters plays a significant role in emphasizing the government message to all people who want to use cannabis for medical or recreational purposes. It can attract anyone to see and read the warning statement. Thus it gives a solid message to think twice before using and consuming cannabis.

Final Thoughts

As the state government continues its war on cannabis, they have come up with a warning label to be placed on every cannabis product sold in California. It is a mandatory labelling requirement that manufacturers must place on all cannabis products, and it must be in all capital letters.

Many believe that warning labels on cannabis products should be in all capital letters. It means that all cannabis companies will have to update their packaging to remain compliant with state law.

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