Customized Labels

Customized Labels

Whether you need personalized laser sheets, other sheeted labels or rolls of labels, contact us at Nevs Ink to get a price quote on your customized labels.

For your convenience, perforations, internal knife cuts, and specialty material can be incorporated into your customized labels. When a full array of stock materials, including EDP, direct thermal, thermal transfer, mylar and many others, is coupled with nearly limitless possibilities of ink colors and a complete assortment of sizes, there is almost nothing that Nevs Ink cannot accommodate with respect to your needs for customized labels.

When a new customized product is created there is a plate charge; however, this plate charge is only applicable to the first order of said customized labels, and in many cases, another customer may have ordered the same label you desire.If we have a print plate on hand that will suit your labeling needs, we will use this plate and forego charging you the plate charge.

We have an unprecedented turn time of 6 business days after proof approval. Never again wait weeks upon weeks for your your customized labels. Nevs Ink is your source of inexpensive, quality customized labels that fill all of your needs and that are delivered to you in a timely manner.

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