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Tamper Evident labels

Tamper Evident labels

Confidential information must not be seen by the wrong eyes. Tamper evident labels are one precaution necessary to take in order to prevent peering eyes from seeing HIPAA-regulated information.Whether it is test results or doctors notes, by simply adding a tamper evident label to a file or a packet of papers, this could be enough to deter onlookers from taking a peek.

Tamper evident labels can also make sure that samples are not tampered with. Whether a urine sample or cell culture tray, a tamper evident label can be placed on covers to ensure that the samples have not been modified in any way.

We manufacture many different customized labels including, but not limited to, cryogenic tamper evident labels.

If you have specialized needs for tamper evident labels, please do not hesitate to contact us at (800) 638-7465.

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Tamper Evident Red (LTE-1)
Tamper Evident Labels - Red - 1/2' x 5 1/2'   LTE-1  ..
Tamper Evident White (LTE-2)
LTE-2 Tamper Evident Labels - 'Do Not Use'- White w/Red - 1/2' x 3 7/8'   'Do not use if protec..