What to Look for in a Label Manufacturer

Whether you just launched your company or you've been a part of your industry for a while, you need to design — or redesign — and shop for labels to finalize your product and sell it to customers. Finding the proper label manufacturer to fit your needs and bring your design ideas to fruition is essential to your business's success. From food labels to hospital labels, a quality label manufacturer can offer a variety of labels that work perfectly for your business.

Continue reading to explore specific points you should consider as you look into choosing a label company.

1. Variety of Options

A good label manufacturer will offer various materials, sizes, label types, inks, colors and cuts for their labels. Browse each manufacturer's selection you're considering so you can be better informed to choose a label company that has what your business needs. If you're in a niche market, make sure the manufacturer has the options you need to meet your expectations.

The more options a label manufacturer provides, the easier it will be for you to create the label how you want, with unique design possibilities like die cutting, customizable sizing options , special coating, thermal paper , embossing or lamination capabilities.

2. Capabilities

A manufacturer's production capabilities are critical to delivering the right solution for your business's project. Some manufacturing capabilities may include:

  • Various color printing

  • Adhesive coatings for embossing or laminating

  • Booklet-style labels

  • Pre-pressing

Having a manufacturer with the right labeling and converting abilities will avoid time and money wasted on trying to make a label appear more eye-catching. The colors should always be smooth and clean without any damage or smeared lines. A good manufacturer will also ensure that dark and light color choices pair well and stand out.

The text and images of your label should print correctly and look identical after every printing request. A labeling company may also use automated equipment to apply labels using consistent roll thickness, alignment and tightness to ensure the labels dispense correctly.

Nev's Ink custom capabilities include various customizable labels and tapes for your business's needs. For example, our Dymo-compatible, variable data labels or alcohol-resistant labels come in a wide variety of color and size options . Nev's Ink printed tape options are great for companies that want to add logos, brand colors or personalized slogans.

3. Experience

Clients may consider a label manufacturer to be more reliable and trustworthy when they have extensive experience. If you think similarly, look into each label manufacturer you're considering and see what their history looks like. How long have they been in business? What do their reviews look like? Can you view products they've created for other customers?

While newer companies can still deliver amazing results, you may feel more confident in working with one that has extensive knowledge of your niche. Do enough research so you're satisfied with the amount of expertise the manufacturer has.

4. Customer Service

A worthy label manufacturer will offer quality customer service. They should assist you at every step in the design and production process, ensuring your idea will come to fruition and the finished product will be as you imagined it. If something doesn't go as planned, communication is key to ensure you know what's happening every step of the way.

Find a manufacturer that's as excited as you about your label design and product ideas. They should also work diligently to make sure delivery dates are accurate and shipping details remain transparent. Friendly label companies that care about their customers will always prioritize their needs and focus on open communication and job completion.

Other Considerations

While variety, capabilities, experience and customer service are the most important factors to consider when deciding how to choose a label manufacturer, you should think about other variables, too. Your company may be looking at specific details of a manufacturer and will want to ensure every part of the process runs as smoothly as possible.

Order Amounts

One thing to note is how many units you'll purchase from your label manufacturer. Avoid the risk of unsold inventory or unused labels by accurately estimating how many you'll need depending on the product type. Look for labels you can easily purchase in customizable amounts if your brand is newer, so you don't have to go through a tricky ordering process.


Consider the pricing of the labels, as well. Is the quality of the material and design worth the asking price? The label manufacturer should be willing to work with you on customizable options and offer fair and competitive prices compared to other companies.

Consider talking to various sales representatives to decide which manufacturer offers the best prices in the industry. This point can be especially important for new businesses that may not have the resources for more expensive options.

Turnaround Time

Your chosen label company should be able fill your orders quickly. If your brand constantly has to prepare a plan months ahead of time, it may be hard to manage your inventory and keep the process of buying labels and selling products efficient. A good manufacturer will ensure your labels are shipped to you within about a week, so you can continue with business as usual.


Try to find out what kind of sales support the company offers during and after purchasing their products. Some labeling manufacturers will provide you with resources about current sales trends or information on products that can educate you about different types of label shapes and colors. Those who have never worked with a label manufacturer before may be more interested in companies that offer educational resources.

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