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The Benefits of Using Custom Labels

Published: 2022-03-08

Benefits of Custom Labels

In many industries, customized labels are essential in keeping the workspace organized and error-free. No matter where you look, each industry has its own way of tagging its products and materials for personalization and communication purposes. Employees and customers alike should be able to identify what’s on the label and its purpose. Customizable professional labeling is a key indicator of quality service. 

Proper labeling can streamline your operations and make business workflow easier with easily-to-understand directions, bright colors, and specific placements. So, why is it important to customize your labels? Aren’t all labels the same? Let’s take a look at the reasons for using custom labels.

1. Clear Communication

You can customize labels to include the proper information for your customers. Depending on your business, specifications of your products may be needed for pharmaceuticals, lab specimens or forms. When you have customers that speak multiple languages, using pre-printed labels with their preferred language can make communication easier. 

Another communication factor to consider is the government regulation label. Each prescription or food label must contain safety and recommended consumption information that’s easy to read. For healthcare environments, it’s important to have clear documentation regarding patient files so they can be easily located upon patient arrival. In patients’ rooms, precautionary signs and stickers can inform visitors and staff of equipment or other items that need special instructions.

Additionally, labels ensure that liquid samples are identifiable by health professionals and patients. To avoid confusion between similar-looking samples, consistent and clear labeling can lower the margin of error. With bright colors and easy-to-read font, there should be no confusion amongst staff. In a laboratory environment, choosing brightly colored paper labels feature clear, distinct warning messages.

In the food service industry, listing the ingredients can help workers identify possible allergens that some patrons will want to avoid. Try using customizable tamper-evident dissolvable labels for safe handling and storage of food products. For food stored in freezers, using customizable colored cryogenic labels ensures the food’s date remains on the package. To avoid employee injury with large food boxes, listing the weight of the box on the label is important for employee safety. 

Using an easily-scannable barcode can make the work process fast-paced and improve efficiency. Nev's Ink has the capabilities to imprint 2D barcodes on labels for scanning and inventory purposes. 

2. Perfect Fit

Labeling is not one size fits all. Sometimes, if your labels are too small or the material is wrong, it can result in the edges flagging and falling off. Picking the right label size for each of your lab specimens, papers or medicine can be easier when you have a variety of pre-printed labels to choose from. 

In hospital settings, there are many shapes and sizes of labels that can fit your product perfectly. For round containers, you will most likely need a label that has the ability to wrap around them. 

For bags, it's important to choose a label where information won’t be compromised. Using a thermal-printed intravenous bag label will keep your patient’s fluid information well-identifiable.


3. Personalization

If your product has a unique label, it can help workers remember what that product contains and that it belongs to your company. The ability to personalize your labels can have enormous benefits for your company. Industries that can benefit from customized labels include:
Healthcare industry: Not having enough space on a label can block out important information that needs to be seen in healthcare settings. Personalizing your labels to have more room to write information like authorizations, dates and volumes is valuable in healthcare settings.
Cannabis dispensaries: Depending on the size of the containers used to store cannabis, varying sizes of tamper-evident tapes come in handy to ensure the safe distribution of medical marijuana to patients in the cannabis industry. Using personalized state stickers ensures medicine is identified with strain identification, warning messages and state of distribution.
Veterinary industry: If you work in veterinary services need to differentiate animals for documentation purposes, using color-coated filing labels can ensure you can locate and identify office supplies, inventory and other things easily.
Food industry: Streamlining your processes in the food industry with enough personalized nutrition labels at hand can make your job easier. For distribution, including the net quality, nutrition facts, ingredients and name of business indicates quality and safety to the consumer.

4. Simplicity

Nev's Ink has a team of graphic designers that can customize your labels to fit your industry. When you contact us, our team will do all the work to produce labels for your specific containers or materials. If you have a logo or wording that is necessary for your business, we have the technology to accommodate your customizations. We use laser, inkjet and thermal printers on-site to produce labels in bulk.

Using an expert labeling company can do all of the heavy lifting for you. Our services can assist you with any unique design or labeling idea that fits your budget. We are able to make custom bulk orders of labels made to order within six days directly from our warehouse. There is no need for heavy machinery and running to the store to get more supplies. At Nev's Ink, we can deliver you labels needed for your industry without the hassle of more work. 

5. Saves Time

With pre-printed custom labels, all of the information is already pre-printed, so you won’t have to worry about writing out redundant information. Advanced printing technology allows us to produce tapes and labels on a massive scale in a short period of time.

As your operation grows, buying customized labels in bulk can make labeling a quick process in your workplace. Staff can save time programming, loading and printing labels and work on their jobs at hand. Especially in busy or chaotic industries, labeling can be distracting and take away time from important tasks.

6. Saves Money

By ordering in bulk, you won’t have to worry about running out of labels in times of high demand. Bulk ordering allows you to purchase a huge number of labels with less cost than buying each label pack individually. You can create labels that have all of the information in one, without having to invest in more ink to create more labels. 

Lower production costs: your employees can focus on more important tasks at hand, rather than spending more time on printing out labels for their lab specimens. Labor can be costly, and you can take the stress out of operating labeling machines by ordering all your labels through Nev’s Ink.

Contact Nev's Ink for custom labels

Contact Nev's Ink to Order Custom Labels

Nev's Ink can produce professional labels that will ship within 24 hours. If you decide on custom labels for your industry, we will be able to ship to you within 6 days. Nev’s Ink operates at a low cost, and we are proud to pass those savings on to you. 

If you have any questions about the best custom labeling solutions, contact us online or call our customer support team at 800-638-7465 and we will be happy to help!

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