What's on a Pharmacy Label and What Does It Mean?

Pharmacy labels are vital in communicating information effectively to patients from their doctor or pharmacist. Medical professionals and patients rely on prescription labels, medical warning labels, and pharmacy auxiliary labels for information and procedures when prescribing or taking medication. Pharmacy labels also ensure proper patient care in nursing homes, hospitals, doctor offices, clinics and much more.

How Are Pharmacy Labels used and what should be included on them?

It is important that Pharmacy labels detail key information to ensure the safety and well-being of the patient. General information always included on a prescription label include:

  • Patient’s name
  • Prescription number
  • Name and location of the pharmacy
  • Pharmacy phone number
  • Name of the doctor who prescribed the medication
  • Date the medication was prescribed

Your prescription label will also include important medical information for the medication prescribed. Look for these 7 items on your prescription label:

  1. Instructions on how and when to take the medicine
  2. Quantity or number of pills/tablets in the prescription
  3. Number of refills allowed
  4. Name of the medicine
  5. Any warnings or things to avoid
  6. Expiration date
  7. Prescribed dosage

It’s always important check that you have received your own prescription before taking any medication. The prescription label should show your name prominently. Always read the dosage information and warnings before taking as well. If you have questions or need clarity about either of these things, contact your doctor or pharmacist before taking. Always keep your medicine in the original packaging so you always have the proper dosage information and warning information.

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