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The Benefits of Using Labeling Guns

Published: 2020-10-16
The Benefits of Using Labeling Guns
The Benefits of Using Labeling Guns

A labeling gun is a device that that allows you quickly and efficiently print and attach labels to items and/or surfaces. Labeling guns typically have an ink roller and stamps built into the device. This allows you to convey the information you need to on your labels, like a price, date, unit of measurement, tracking number, store name, etc. Sophisticated labeling guns even allow you to include more than one line of information, making them a great way to communicate data and information.

Labeling guns offer a variety of benefits, especially in the retail setting. The first and most obvious benefit is they eliminate the need to have employees or team members handwrite and apply labels. This alone will save valuable time. Another benefit of using a labeling gun is uniformity. Labels used from the labeling gun will be consistent, easy to read, and professional. This will eliminate confusion between customers or employees. In the retail setting, this is vital when communicating crucial information like pricing or expiration date. Lastly, another great benefit to labeling guns is the versatility they offer. Sometimes a business may not want a label to adhere to a product or item permanently. Modern labeling guns accommodate various kinds of labels including dissolvable and removable options.

Another way labeling guns and supplies are used is in the food industry. Whether you are storing food in your home pantry or a commercial kitchen, labeling guns will accommodate all of your needs. Labeling foods for expiration dates, allergy warnings, and other health related topics is vital, especially when running a commercial food service business. Using a bright and easy to read label in this case will help you avoid any issues in the future!

Taking Care of Your Labeling Gun

Your labeling gun will last you for many years if you take care of it properly. Though taking care of your labeling gun is mostly common sense, it’s still good to keep a few things in mind!

1.) Be gentle with it – many pricing guns may not seem very complex, but it is still very important to remember that these products have many moving parts that need to fit together precisely in order to operate correctly. Always handle and use with care!

2.) Use the correct supplies – the manufacturer of your label gun will include information about the supplies you should be using. Label size and type and ink pad information should always be top of mind when purchasing supplies.

3.) Take time to fix issues correctly – if you do encounter a problem with your labeling gun, be sure to take the time to fix it correctly.

Labeling Guns and Supplies at Nev’s Ink

Nev's Ink provides labeling guns and everything you will need to use those labeling guns. We offer gun labels pre-printed and blank to accommodate your needs! If you have any questions about what labels are compatible with your gun, give us a call at 800-638-7465 and we will be happy to help!

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