Los Angeles Veterinary Labels and Tapes

Nev's Ink provides Veterinary clinics and hospitals in Los Angeles and surrounding areas with high-quality labeling and tape solutions tailored to fit your needs. Our state-of-the-art printing facility allows us to provide high quality, cost-effective solutions with some of the fastest turn times in the industry.

Nev’s Ink offers over 4,000 stock items that ship to Los Angeles and surrounding areas within 24 hours, and your customized made-to-order labels will ship in 6 days or less! 

Shop all veterinary labels and tapes.

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What Can Nev’s Ink Provide For Your Los AngelesVeterinary Hospital or Clinic?

Board & Care Labels

Nev's Ink provides board and care labels that will help you communicate in your Veterinary Clinic, easily and effectively. Bright colors and bold, easy-to-read fonts make these easy to recognize. Shop Board & Care Labels now.

Anesthesia Labels & Tapes

Nev’s Ink offers a wide array of anesthesia drug labeling tapes that feature common drug names with the appropriate colors along with areas designated to write in the dosage, date, time, and initials. Anesthesia Labels & Tapes now.

Exam Labels

Nev's Ink provides exam labels for your veterinary clinic. These labels include areas to write information regarding the exam, and are easily identifiable because of their red lettering. Shop Exam Labels now.

Medication Labels

Our medication labels assist with communication in the surgical and dispensing areas of your veterinary clinic or hospital. Shop Medication Labels now. 

Surgery Labels

Nev's Ink provides labels to help you track information relating to surgeries in your veterinary clinic. These labels include areas to write the name of the surgeon, antibiotic, and other notes. Shop Surgery Labels now.

Veterinary Lab Labels

Nev's Ink provides your veterinary clinic with labeling solutions specifically for your laboratory and laboratory practices. These are brightly colored, and easy to read/identify. Shop Veterinary Lab Labels now

Dymo-Compatible Labels

Nev's Ink provides a large selection of Dymo compatible labeling solutions for your veterinary clinic. Dymo label printers use a process called direct thermal printing. The greatest benefit of direct thermal printing with a Dymo label printer is that there is no need for ink, toner or ribbons. Shop Dymo-Compatible Labels now.

Zebra-Compatible Labels

Nev's Ink provides thermal labels compatible with Zebra Printers. We offer a wide range of sizes, but if you do not see what you need give us a call and we will make a custom label for you! Shop Zebra-Compatible Labels now.

Laser & Inkjet Printer Labels

Laser Sheet Labels are compatible with all standard laser and inkjet printers. Great for any application, including: address labels, employee records, inventory, shipping labels, etc. Labels can also be made to meet your exact specifications including your personal imprint. Shop Laser Sheets & Inkjet Printer Labels now.

Color-Coding Tape

A very popular item at Nev’s Ink! Our color-coding tape is beneficial in any veterinary setting.  Shop Color-Coding Tape now.

What Makes Nev’s Ink, Inc. a Great Provider For Your Los Angeles Veterinary Hospital or Clinic?

We’ve LISTENED to our customers over the last 30 years. We have tailored our processes to provide veterinary hospitals and clinics what they need with superior quality, fast. So, what have we learned from our customers over the years?

Made-to-order Labels are Essential

We developed a system to make the ordering process simple and painless, even going as far as providing design services for you!

Speed is Important

We’ve learned that when you need your labels or tape, you need them NOW! Our process allows us to ship stock items within 24 hours and made-to-order items within 6 days.

Costs need to stay low

We also know that you are under great pressure to keep costs low in your veterinary hospital or clinic. Nev’s Ink’s operations have been perfected over time to run effectively with minimal cost – we are proud to pass those savings to you. We do this all and we stand behind our products!

Made-To-Order Labels at Nev’s Ink, Inc.

Our made-to-order process sets us apart from other label providers in the Los Angeles area. With over 2,000 tooling configurations, we can create almost any design for you while keeping costs low. We also provide color matching and electronic proofing to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Customize the Shape and Size of Your Labels

  • Any Shape
  • Any Size up to 10"
  • If we don't have it, we can make it!

Fully Customizable

  • Wide Variety of Materials
  • Special Coatings, Inks, &Laminates
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Consecutive Numbering
  • Perforations & Knife-Cuts
  • In House Art Department to assist with label design if needed

To request an estimate on a made-to-order item, please contact us at (800) 638-7465 or email us at [email protected].

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