Labeling and Record Keeping for Your Veterinary Office

Accurate labeling practices and record keeping in the veterinary office is vital to ensure proper care is always being administered. Acceptable written treatment records must be kept by the veterinarian for at least two years (or as otherwise mandated by law), for every animal treated. These records need to document the drugs that were supplied to clients in line with federal and state rules and policies, and AVMA’s Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics. Records must also include the information set forth under Basic Information for Records, Prescriptions, and Labels.

Food animal owners need to have a written treatment records system in place to reduce the risk of violative residues in milk, eggs, or meat. All patient treatments need to be recorded. Food animal owners must keep records when engaging in ELDU (Extra Label Drug Use), and when milk and/or meat removal of a certain drug may differ from its label. Extra Label Drug Use (ELDU or “Off-Label Use”) is any use of an FDA-approved drug that differs from instructions on the approved product label.

What Needs to be Included on a Veterinary Prescription Label?

All veterinary prescription drugs must be properly labeled when distributed to clientele. A proper label should include all the information set forth under the section on Basic Information for Records, Prescriptions, and Labels. This includes:

  • Name, address, and telephone number of veterinarians
  • Name of clients
  • Identification of animal(s) treated, species and numbers of animals treated, when possible
  • Date of treatment, prescribing, or dispensing of drug
  • Name, active ingredient, and quantity of the drug (or drug preparation) to be prescribed or dispensed
  • Drug strength (if more than one strength available)
  • Dosage and duration
  • Route of administration
  • Number of refills
  • Cautionary statements, as needed
  • Expiration date if applicable
  • Slaughter withdrawal and/or milk withholding times, if applicable

For more information, see the AVMA's Guidelines for Veterinary Prescription Drugs. It is also advised to check your state's pharmacy and veterinary practice rules.

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