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How to Choose the Best Labeling Products for your Company?

Published: 2020-02-19
How to Choose the Best Labeling Products for your Company?
How to Choose the Best Labeling Products for your Company?

If your business needs labels, Nev's Ink is the place to go when choosing the perfect ones for your products. We offer a large variety of labels from cryogenic to alcohol resistant. Nev’s Ink also manufactures labels to assist in admitting and billing. Whatever you're looking for, you can trust the reliable employees at Nev's Ink to set you up with quality labels.

Nev's Ink has been in business since 1989. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to keeping our customers happy, as well as offering reliable and affordable labels for their business. Over the years, we learned what our customers want and need, creating a process that provides them with great quality products.

Our design process is simple and intuitive. We provide everything for our customers, including the artwork! We even offer 24-hour shipping services for customers who need their products right away.

When choosing the right labels for your company, here are the qualities you want to look out for:

Temperature Range

You want labels that can withstand extremely cold temperatures, especially when working in a lab with liquid nitrogen. Our cryogenic labels can withstand temperatures as low as -196 C (-311 F).


When working in the food industry, you want labels that can stick but can also easily and quickly wash away when they need to be removed.


When working in the healthcare industry, you want a product that is functional but does not compromise your patients' health. Sterile labels are ideal for environments that demand extra precaution when it comes to cleanliness.

Alcohol and Chemical Resistant

Whether you work with prescription labels that can be ruined by the alcohol in hand sanitizer or in a lab using Xylene and/or other chemicals you want to work with labels that can withstand the materials you are using.


Will your label be exposed to the elements? Do you need a label that does not tear? Or is the label that you need only need to last temporarily? The last thing anyone wants is a label that fails due to the incorrect material.


Some labels need to stay for now, and some need to stay for years. The adhesive type is an important factor here. Permanent adhesives are designed to be just that—permanent. Removable adhesives allow you to apply, remove, and reapply multiple times if necessary.


If you plan to use blank labels and a printer to create your own labels, it is crucial that you have the right label solution. Laser, Inkjet and thermal printers all use materials designed specifically for each. Make sure you have the correct labels!


If you intend on applying your labeling solution to an item that is autoclaved, it is imperative that your label was built to withstand that environment.

At Nev's Ink, you can be sure that all healthcare, laboratory and veterinary labels are designed with all of these qualities in mind.

So, if quality labels are what you are looking for, then look no further than Nev's Ink! For more information about our products, visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-638-7465. We will answer any questions you may have. Call Nev's Ink today!

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