Piggyback Labels

Piggyback labels, also known as two-layer and double-layer labels, are utilized in various industries and are used for mail delivery, tax returns, promotional materials, business reply cards, product registration, merchandise returns & more!

For nearly 30 years the label experts at Nev’s Ink have been producing high-quality piggyback labels in various sizes, colors, and materials to meet our customers’ high expectations. 

For these various uses, there are three different types of Piggyback Labels:

  • Nested
  • Flush Cut
  • Flush Cut with Tab

Different types of piggyback labels

Nested: First, we have Nested Piggyback Labels. The top label is smaller than the base label, making them easy to peel and easy to distinguish as a piggyback label. Simply apply the base label to a clean, dry, flat surface, and remove the top label to be applied elsewhere. The base label uses a permanent adhesive to stay put, and the top label uses a removable adhesive, making it easy to peel and apply to a secondary item.

Flush Cut: The main difference between Flush Cut and Nested Piggyback tags is how the labels are die cut. Both layers of Flush Cut Piggyback stickers are cut to the same size, which allows for additional design space on the top layer, but is harder to distinguish as a piggyback label. Flush cut piggyback tags are also bit harder to remove than Nested and Flush Cut Tab Piggyback Labels.

Flush Cut with Tab: As you may guess, flush cut tab piggyback labels are the same as flush cut piggyback labels with the only difference being an added tab. This added tab makes it both easy to distinguish as a piggyback label and very easy to peel.

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