Direct Thermal

Direct thermal printing provides many advantages for companies. One of the most important advantages of direct thermal printers is that they allow companies to print on demand. The printers are also typically smaller, lighter and consume much less power than your standard printer.

Direct thermal printing also helps companies eliminate ink usage and requires little maintenance.

How direct thermal label printing works

So how does a printer work without ink you may ask? Well, direct thermal printers use a thermal print head and chemically treated labels or paper. The printer sends a current of electricity to the thermal print head, which generates heat in specific areas on the print head. The heat then activates the heat-sensitive dye in the paper or labels, which changes colors when heated and gives you your imprint. This means that there is no need for ink, toner or ribbons!

Direct thermal labels, paper, and printers are typically used in retail locations. Some examples that you may encounter in your everyday life are gas station pumps, voucher printers in slot machines, at the movie theaters for movie tickets, and at shipping desks everywhere.

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Product examples:

Sharp details with high-quality coloring

Direct thermal printing produces sharp, quality labels with good scannability. It is also economical and environmentally friendly since there is no ink, toner, or printer ribbons.

The one disadvantage is that the imprints are not suited for long-term use. The dye in the paper is highly sensitive to light, heat, and heavy contact, which inevitably leads to fading over time. Fortunately, Nev's Ink can provide you with a quick turnaround time on your direct thermal labels, so when the imprint fades you can promptly reorder without worry! And if you are interested in a long-lasting thermal print option, please check out our Thermal Transfer labels!

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