Color-Coded Labels

Color-coded labels are beneficial tools for industries like laboratories, veterinary clinics, and hospitals. Use color indicators that tell you everything you need to know to avoid searching through stacks of paper, supply cabinets and more.

When you organize anything from medical files to specimen samples with color, you can make your work life easier. Nev’s Ink color-coded dots and labels allow you to create the workplace you need to thrive.

Color-coded laboratory labels

There are many instances in which color-coded labeling is beneficial in a laboratory. Common uses for this type of tag include:

  • Equipment labeling.
  • Test tube labeling.
  • Glassware labeling.
  • Specimen labeling.

When working with several different specimens, it can be challenging to organize them efficiently. With color-coded labels, you can designate similar products with the same color every time. The colors help you create a visual cue to know what you are using or picking up before reading the written words.

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Product examples:

Color-coded veterinary labels

Veterinary clinics can also benefit from the use of color-coding labels. Examples of them in action include:

  • Schedules.
  • Medicines.
  • Vaccines.
  • Bills.
  • Medical files.

Keep animal information organized using color-coded labels. If you assign colors to different illnesses, types of visits and more, you can get a good read on your appointments before diving into all the details. Plus, color-coding medicines and vaccines ensure that patients receive the proper dosages of what they need.

Color-coded hospital labels

You can use color-coded labels to keep track of several types of information for patients and visitors alike. Common examples of using color in hospital settings include:

  • Allergy alerts.
  • Medication labels.
  • Office supplies.
  • Patient files.
  • I.V. bags.

Patients arrive at your hospital to receive specialized care, meaning there's no room for mistakes. Color coding helps give medical professionals the necessary information without the need to sort through several files. If a patient has an allergy, a colored label lets doctors and nurses immediately know there's an allergy alert without reading through the entire document.

Color-coded labels also let doctors and nurses give medicines and specialized directions to patients. Additionally, colors can help the non-critical employees keep track of the office supplies easily.

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