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Digital Label Printing

Published: 2020-11-23
Digital Label Printing
Digital Label Printing

Digital label printing has transformed the printing industry since its introduction in the 1990’s. Digital label printing technologies provides label manufacturers and customers with convenient, on-demand printing at an affordable price. The versatility provided by these printing technologies has also provided businesses options for short and medium print runs, variable printing and high-quality printing, on a wide variety of label stocks.

What is Digital label Printing?

What makes the digital printing process unique is the way that the image on the label is created. When printing a digital label, an electronic file is converted into a series of dots – this is commonly known as a raster image. The raster image, or sometimes referred to as a bitmap, will guide the digital printer to print dots in the correct place to recreate the image. Once the image is created, it is transferred to the media using ink or toner. The digital printing process eliminates the need for press plates used for flexographic or offset printing, which is one of the biggest cost savers when going digital. With digital printing, the image is re-drawn for each print.

Advantages of Digital Label Printing

Faster Production Time – Due to the fact that  digital label printing does not require the creation of press plates, set up time is much less. Time needed for production is also reduced because of this, resulting in fast turnaround.

Variable Imaging – Digital label printing allows for variable imaging since the printer recreates the image with each print. This means that graphics or text can be changed on each printed piece. This is convenient for consecutive number labels or barcode labels.

Print Quality – Print quality of digital printing has improved drastically since the 1990’s. Advances in digital printing technology allows manufactures to match the quality of flexographic or offset printing.

Faster Proofs – Because the set-up time for the digital printing process is shorter that flexographic or offset printing, proofs are able to be created quicker.

Digital Printing at Nev’s Ink

Nev’s Ink is proud to offer digital printing capabilities to you. We also have a graphic design team on site, that can help you with your creative needs! For more information on our digital printing solutions, visit our website, or give us a call at 1(800)638-7465. We will answer any questions you may have.

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