Best Veterinary Labeling Practices

Similar to our healthcare system, Veterinary care also requires proper labeling practices. Everything must have a label; this includes specimens, medicines and even pet collars. By following proper labeling practices, not only are you keeping your animals safe, but also those who care for them, such as pet owners and staff.

When it comes to patient records, essential information that needs to be on the record labels includes:

  • Name of the veterinarian, phone number and address
  • Name of the client and the animal or animals, address and phone number
  • Any prescriptions that have been given to the animal and refills.
  • Proof of vaccinations
  • Record of a spay or neuter

You can better serve your client and their pets when you have access to the right information in the patient's file. Animal prescriptions need to be labeled appropriately with the following information:

  • Name of veterinarian, address and phone number
  • Name of the animal being treated, owner's name, address, and phone number
  • Name of the drug, treatment date, and strength
  • How to administer the drug Dosage and duration Expiration date
  • Cautionary measures, i.e., take with food, mix well, veterinary use only, etc.

At Nev's Ink, we manufacture lab, office and billing, surgery, medication and exam labels for the Veterinary industry. Our medication labels have blank spaces so you can write the correct drug information. We even carry blank labels compatible with your Dymo and Zebra printers.

When operating a business, money is always a concern. That is why we have created a process that allows us to make our products at a low cost, which means we can pass those savings onto you. Saving money is important, especially when you are running an animal clinic. When you’re not spending too much money on supplies, you keep your clinic costs low, and can enhance the overall care of your clients’ pets.

If you need a specific label that we don't have, we offer customizations. For more information about labels for the veterinary industry, visit our website or call at 1-800-638-7465. We will answer any questions you may have, contact Nev's Ink today. 

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