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Alcohol Resistant Labels for Pharmacy

Published: 2021-03-17
Alcohol Resistant Labels for Pharmacy
Alcohol Resistant Labels for Pharmacy

When medications are added to an IV bag, pharmacy processes involve the use of alcohols and sanitizers to prevent cross-contamination. This alcohol or sanitizer will typically cause direct thermal labels to turn black. Finding a label that holds up when contacted with moisture or alcohol can be difficult and expensive. If you find yourself worrying about how you handle labeled products in fear of them turning black or having the printed or written information smearing, Nev’s Ink’s Alcohol Resistant labels are your perfect solution for your pharmacy! We offer a product that works great without the hefty price tag.

Our Alcohol Resistant labels are manufactured with a special coating that is engineered to withstand the heat generated by alcohol and other harsh chemicals that cause labels to turn black and become unusable.

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Benefits of Alcohol Resistant Labels

  • Perfect solution for IV bag labels, pharmacy information system labels and more!
  • Imprint does not smear after contact with alcohol and/or other harsh chemicals
  • Eliminates need to order pre-printed labels with over-laminates (pre-printed options still available)

Watch Nev’s Ink Alcohol Resistant Labels in Action

Curious to see how our alcohol resistant labels work? Watch the video below to see them in action!

Alcohol-Resistant Labels at Nev’s Ink

Nev's Ink manufactures a wide variety of direct thermal alcohol resistant labels for your pharmacy. Designed for IV bags, medications, and other pharmacy applications, our labels are made from high-quality pharmacy-grade direct thermal label stock to ensure that any barcodes or printed information will not smudge when sprayed with alcohol or sanitizers. Your stock orders will ship to you within 24 hours, and your custom orders within 6 days! For additional customization of text or label elements, contact a Nev's team member at 800-638-7465!

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