Tag, Sterile Processing – Wednesday

Tag, Sterile Processing – Wednesday


Properly identify, classify, and track trays, scopes, and surgical instruments throughout the sterilization process to help improve workflow efficiency with our Central Sterile Tags.
Our tray and scope tags are lab-tested to withstand most autoclave and disinfectant processing, and includes several color choices most commonly used to improve communication and workflow efficiency in the hospital central sterile department.
These multipurpose tags can be used for a wide variety of identification applications by applying autoclavable labels or tape, sterilization indicators, or handwritten information to the tag.

-Lock-on tags allow placement of a tag on anything from valves to equipment
-Unique design loops around and onto themselves without the need for fasteners or seals
-Long-lasting plastic material resists dirt, grease and moisture

Weight: 2.97 lbs
Color: Blue
Size: 2.5" x 8.5412"
per Box
Core Size: None
Adhesive: None