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Radioactive Tape

Radioactive Tape
It is well known that contact with radioactive material can increase the likelihood of cancer and has other profound impacts. Radioactive labeling is implemented to prevent accidental and uninformed handling of radioactive material. Radioactive labeling provided by Nevs Ink follows all the standards in that it has the radioactive labeling symbol present in magenta on a yellow label. The combination of these bright colors undeniably brings attention to the caution that must be taken when handling the material with said radioactive label adhered. Some forms of Nevs Ink radioactive labeling come in the form of tape. Other radioactive labels range in size from x 3 to 1 7/16 x 2 , and while one option of a radioactive label offers only the word radioactive and the radioactivity symbol, other radioactive labels provide space for further information to be inserted. For example, one may include the isotope, amount and date.
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Caution Radioactive Material Label LR-3 (LR-3)
Caution Radioactive Material - Yellow w/Magenta - 1 7/16' x 2 1/4'LR-3..
Caution Radioactive Material Tape L-R3T (L-R3T)
Caution Radioactive Material - Yellow w/Magenta - 1 1/2' x 500'L-R3T..
Caution Radioactive Material Tape LT-0076T (LT-0076T)
Caution Radioactive Material - Yellow w/Magenta - 1' x 500'LT-0076T..
Radioactive Tape LT-0355T (LT-0355T)
Radioactive - Yellow w/Magenta - 1/2' x 500'LT-0355T..
Radium In Use Tape NT-83 (NT-83)
Radium In Use- Yellow w/Red - 1' x 500'NT-83..