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What are Laser Sheets?

Published: 2021-01-22
What are Laser Sheets?
What are Laser Sheets?

Laser labels, or more commonly referred to as laser sheets, are made from pressure sensitive materials and are ideal for printing high-quality graphics and text from your home and/or office printers. Laser sheets vary in coating depending on if they are intended for use with a laser printer, or an inkjet printer. Shop laser labels here.

Common Uses for Laser Sheets

In healthcare, laser sheets are commonly used in hospitals or clinics by physicians and nurses, and are also used in pharmacies. Laser sheets are used for many applications in the healthcare industry, including patient identification wristbands, visitor passes / identification, quality control labels, pharmacy labels, receipts, and more. Blank laser or inkjet laser sheets are perfect for printing anything you may need, and fast, like a shipping address label, date label, barcode label, inventory information label, etc.

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Laser Printing

Laser printers utilize a special laser to produce an image that is electrically charged on a drum. Next, the image is rolled through a powdered toner. Using heat, the toner is bonded onto the paper. Laser printers are ideal for business applications that require high printing speeds to handle larger printing volumes. Other benefits include sharper text quality and longer-lasting toner cartridges. The 2 main disadvantages of laser printers is that replacement toner cartridges cost slightly more than an inkjet printer, and sometimes detailed graphics will not print as well.

The most popular laser printers today are manufactured by Brother, Canon, HP, Lexmark, and Xerox.

Laser Printing Material Compatibility

Laser printers are compatible with the following materials:

  • White gloss laser
  • Blockout for laser
  • Weatherproof silver polyester
  • Weatherproof polyester laser
  • Clear gloss/matte laser
  • Brown kraft
  • Standard white matte
  • Removable white matte

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Inkjet Printing

Inkjet printers use tiny droplets of ink that are propelled onto the paper during the printing process and dried afterwards. Inkjet printers are more commonly used because they are affordable, easy to use, and can print vivid colors. Other benefits of inkjet printers include: ability to print photo-quality images, suitable for occasional use in an office or home, and there many cost conscious options. The two main disadvantages of inkjet printing are that the ink cartridges do not usually last very long, and printing speeds are slower compared to a laser printer.

The most popular inkjet printers today are manufactured by Epson, Brother, Canon, and HP.

Inkjet Printer Material Compatibility

Inkjet printers are compatible with the following materials:

  • White gloss inkjet
  • Weatherproof matte/gloss inkjet
  • Clear gloss/matte inkjet
  • Foil for inkjet
  • Standard white matte
  • Removable white matte
  • Brown kraft
  • True colors

Laser Labels at Nev’s Ink

Our laser labels are available in a large variety of sizes and styles to fit any need you may have. If your business needs to print at high volumes, Nev’s Ink is the label solution for you. To shop our laser sheet labels, click here. To request an estimate on a made-to-order item, please contact us at (800) 638-7465 or email us at [email protected]

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