Labeling Gun Systems

Labeling Gun Systems
Ease, affordability, and speed, all reasons to buy labeling guns from Nevs Ink. Each labeling gun allows one to enter two lines of information with up to eight characters on each line. Most often used to manage hospital inventory, labeling guns allow the user to enter product number information, expiration dates, prices and more. The user will find that these labeling guns are quick and easy to load with labeling gun labels which leads to time effective inventory control. With the use of labeling guns and labeling gun labels, one can control storage, distribution and usage of all hospital materials and goods. Nevs Ink brand labeling guns are made of durable plastic. This product can withstand occasional mishandling, dropping, etc. Labeling guns ship within 24 hours upon receipt of order. All of our labeling guns are packaged with an easy-to-read instruction sheet. In addition to labeling guns, Nevs Ink also provides the corresponding labeling gun labels at a fraction of the cost of our competitors and with an unmatched turnover time. If there are any questions about the labeling gun labels that correspond to specific labeling guns or if we produce labeling gun labels for other brand labeling guns, please do not hesitate to contact us at (800)638-7465.
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Handheld Labeling Gun (Gun-2)
gun-2 Labeling Gun Our hand-held labeling guns load quickly and easily, and are compatible with Nev'..