Customized Tape

Customized Tape

Here is your chance to get exactly what you want with customized tape. Customized tape can be produced on any color in the rainbow and can be further imprinted with whatever color ink and whatever verbiage serves your needs. Customized tape can come in widths from 0.5 in to 3 in.

Furthermore, customized tape can be put on 1 cores or 3 cores.

  • 500 in of customized tape will be wound onto 1 core
  • 60 yards of customized tape will be wound onto 3 cores
  • We ask that all orders for customized tape is ordered in increments of 6 rolls

Before ordering a customized tape, please do not hesitate to contact a customer service representative to see if we already have your desired product in stock. Perhaps, our anesthesia labels, color coding tape, or radioactive tape will fulfill your requirements.

To place an initial order for customized tape and to receive pricing, please call (800) 638-7465.

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