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Medical Device Labeling

Medical Device Labeling

Crash carts are of utmost necessity in a hospital, and when a doctor is called for a code blue, he or she must be certain he or she has all the supplies needed in order to best help the patient. In this case, crash cart labels, a type of medical device label, is a simple way to detail when medicine on the cart will expire. Beyond making sure that equipment is fully stocked, hospital staff must know that equipment is fully functioning.

Equipment check labels are examples of medical device labeling that a department can use to make sure that they are up-keeping all of their equipment. Simply mark each device with a check label that says the date the equipment was last looked at for effectiveness and a quick glance is all that is necessary to determine if the equipment must be looked at again.

Ultimately, equipment in a hospital will rotate between departments; however, everything has a home. A common type of medical device labeling, rental labels indicate to a unit that this in fact cannot stay. It is a temporary device that must be returned. Specifically, many pieces of equipment will have a return to central services label. Medical device labels are used to make sure that a piece of equipment is indeed returned to the central services department. The central services department will clean and prepare the device for use in another unit.

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Assembled and Checked Label (CS-15892)
Assembled and Checked - Flr Chartreuse w/Black - 7/8' x 2 1/4'   CS-15892  ..
Cart Restocked Label (CS-0541)
Cart Restocked - Flr Pink w/Black - 7/8' x 3' CS-0541..
Central Service Label (CS-0626)
Central Service - Green w/White - 1 15/16' x 4' CS-0626..
CK'D Label (CS-0720)
CK'D - White w/Black - 7/8' x 13/16'   CS-0720  ..
Cleaned-Checked Label (CS-0723)
Cleaned-Checked - White w/Black - 7/8' x 2 1/4'   CS-0723  ..
Crash Cart Check Label CS-12801 (CS-12801)
Crash Cart Check - Yellow w/Black - 1 3/4' x 2 3/4'   CS-12801  ..
Crash Cart Checked Label CS-11791 (CS-11791)
Crash Cart Checked - Flr Red w/Black - 1 7/16' x 3'   CS-11791  ..
Do Not Discard Label (CS-9556)
Do Not Discard - Flr. Red w/Black - 7/8' x 2 1/4'   CS-9556  ..
Equipment Checked Label (CS-15891)
Equipment Checked - Flr Green w/Black - 7/8' x 2 1/4'   CS-15891  ..
Equipment Inspected Label (CS-15893)
Equipment Inspected and Assembled By - Blue w/Black - 7/8' x 2 1/4'   CS-15893  ..
Equipments Check Label (CS-15890)
Inspected, Serviced, Repaired - Flr Chartreuse w/Black - 7/8' x 2 1/4'   CS-15890  ..
Not In Use Label (CS-9380)
When Not In Use Return To Central Service - Flr. Orange w/Black - 7/8' x 2 1/4' CS-9380..
Notice Label (CS-2567)
Notice This Is Not A Disposable Item - Flr. Orange w/Black - 7/8' x 2 1/4' CS-2567..
Rental Equipment Label (CS-3225)
Rental Equipment - Flr Chartreuse w/Black - 7/8' x 2 1/4' CS-3225..
Rental Label  (CS-8359)
Rental - Flr Pink w/Black - 15/16' x 3' CS-8359..
Return To Central Service Label (CS-3366)
Return To Central Service - Flr. Red w/Black - 7/8' x 2 1/4'   CS-3366  ..