Frequently Asked Questions - General

FAQs - General

Stock label orders ship within 24 hours. An exact ship date can be found in the lower left hand corner of our homepage.

For labeling items that will be exposed to extreme temperatures, check out the Nev’s Ink, Inc. line of cryogenic storage labels.

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Nev’s Ink has 19 standard or stock color-coding options and can also match virtually any requested color on labels and tapes, including Pantone colors.

In addition to our over 2,000 in-house tool sizes, Nev’s Ink can produce virtually any label size or configuration.

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Roll quantities of our stock label products are listed on our website. Made to order labels can have virtually any number of labels per roll requested.

Nev’s Ink offers orange, red, chartreuse, pink, and green fluorescent label material.

Yes! We offer standard I.S.B.T. blood labels with bar codes and can produce made to order bar code labels. Bar coded labels can made to order with either a static bar code or consecutively numbered. We offer Code 39, Codabar, Code 128, 2D, etc…

As long as the labels are applied at room temperature to a dry surface, the majority of our labels will withstand normal refrigeration or freezer applications. For labeling items that will be exposed to extreme temperatures, check out Nev’s Ink, Inc. line of cryogenic storage labels.

There are two types of thermal labels: thermal transfer labels and direct thermal labels. Both label types use a thermal printer that applies heat to the labels. The difference is that thermal transfer labels are printed with a ribbon. Direct thermal labels are more sensitive to heat and light, which makes a thermal transfer label a better choice for a longer lasting image. Learn more here.

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Nev’s Ink can accept artwork electronically at . Please include the following information with your artwork:

    Company name and quote number (if known) in subject line.
    Include label size and other information that will be on the label, or a mockup   of what you would like your label to look like.

Nev’s Ink prefers artwork to be created and saved in Adobe Illustrator. We can work with just about any type of file. Preferred formats: .eps, .ai, .pdf, .tif

We are required to charge sales tax for customers with shipping adresses in Wisconsin. Sales tax will be added during the checkout process.

If you are a tax-exempt Wisconsin customer, please submit a Tax Exempt Certificate to  (or fax to 262-548-0655). To expedite the process, please have your online user account already created and include your username (but no password) in your request. Most requests are completed the same day.