Labeling Tips

How to Determine Core Size
If your labels are being inserted in a label printer or in a specific machine, core size is an important consideration. Nev's Ink made to order Medical labels (sold in rolls) are offered in two core sizes: 1" and 3”. Our smaller 1” core size is the same size as a roll of electrical tape. This core size is best suited for smaller quantity rolls of medical labels or medical tape. Our larger 3” inch core size is comparable to a roll of duct tape or masking tape. This size is most common for medical labels being used in thermal label printers.

Determine Unwind Position
Are you unsure of which unwind position your made to order medical labels should be?
A quick and easy way to determine this is to stick your nose into the printer! Okay, not literally, but there is some truth to it. As you look straight into the "mouth" of the printer (where the labels come out) envision them bumping you right in the nose, as they come out. This is the easiest way to determine if smaller labels or any internal knife cuts or perf cuts should be put on either the right or left side of the label.

Labels not sticking
At Nev’s Ink, Inc., we pride ourselves on using high quality labeling material that is specifically designed to withstand rigorous health care labeling applications. If a medical label or medical tape is not adhering properly there is more than likely an easy solution. Ask yourself the following questions:

Is the surface you are applying the label to free of loose dirt or debris?
If the labeling surface is dirty, the label adheres to the dirt, making it more prone to fall off. Cleaning the surface with water or cleaner will assure label adhesion.

Is the surface dry to the touch?
Labels won’t stick to moisture. It is also important to consider extreme temperature changes. For example, if you are attempting to label a specimen at room temperature that was just taken from the freezer, there will be condensation that will cause the labels to fall off. A dry, clean surface is ideal.

For labeling items that will be exposed to extreme temperatures, check out Nev’s Ink, Inc. line of cryogenic storage labels.