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How to Spot Fake Marijuana Labels

Published: 2021-06-16
How to Spot Fake Marijuana Labels
How to Spot Fake Marijuana Labels

When buying medical marijuana, it’s essential that you are mindful. There has been a lot of marijuana being sold today that comes with fake labels. Therefore, what you think you are consuming might not be true. That’s why you need to know how you can spot these fake labels!

Where Did It All Start

Ever wondered why people are selling fake medical marijuana today? Initially, this is because these fake labels are made to sell on the black market. It all started in Canada and it was created to replicate legal marijuana and sell it to the public without the need for a prescription.

Fortunately, it caught the attention of local authorities that alerted the public and legit sellers today.

What Happens When You Purchase Medical Marijuana With Fake Labels

You would likely face jail time for buying prohibited items. Moreover, marijuana with fake labels is considered a black market weed, which means it will put your health at risk because these are products that are not medically tested. Therefore, the chances of getting sick from it because of the inaccurate details on the label.

How To Spot Fake Marijuana Labels

Here are some tips to help you spot a fake label:

  • No Batch Code: Keep in mind, all medical-grade marijuana is required to show the CBD or THC content, which means there should be a batch code or lot number next to it. If there is a missing batch code or numbers on the label, then it’s probably not real.
  • No Exercise Stamp: This is the bright and shiny print includes in the label that indicates the FDA inspects it and the retailer or manufacturer is selling legit medical marijuana. It also demonstrates that the one selling has a license. You might think that these sellers could easily fake these stamps, but that’s where you’re wrong. In fact, it’s impossible to fake them!
  • Poor Print Quality: Fake medical marijuana have apparent imperfections on the label. However, you can only spot this when you do a close inspection.

What Does It Do to the Body

As mentioned, fake marijuana can increase your chances of getting sick. However, it works on the same receptors on the brain cell. Some people who use them say that they produce a high similar to marijuana, but it doesn’t last long. However, because there are no standards for making, packaging, or selling synthetic weed, it’s impossible to know the type and amount of chemicals in the product.

However, some people experience hearing loss by using fake medical marijuana. Therefore, it’s really important not to buy fake ones.

How to Get Legitmate Marijuana

When looking for authentic medical marijuana, you should know that the rules vary depending on where you live. Generally, you need to consult with your doctor first to see if you’re eligible for a recommendation to get medical marijuana. Your doctor can also provide you with a list of legit dispensaries where you can get them. Moreover, you will need an ID card to purchase medical marijuana.

Inspect the Label

When buying medical marijuana, it’s very important you pay close attention to the label. Use these tips to help you spot a fake one!

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